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Gourmet Beef BonesMarrow Bones


Our Gourmet Beef bones and Venison Snacks give your dog the variety that they crave!

Our innovative smoking process not only completely (and naturally) preserves the meat and bone, but it also enhances the flavor of our bones naturally by using different types of smoking woods. Each wood has a distinct flavor and aroma that seasons the meat and bone without adding any artificial ingredients. By using the natural flavor provided by the smoking woods, we are able to bring you the following flavors:

Hickoryand  Maple

Our innovation allows you the ability to give your dog some variety. They can pick their favorites and you never have to be concerned about a company adding any artificial flavors or chemicals to preserve your dog's treat.

Our Split Knuckles and Knee Caps are meaty, have lots of natural cartilage and are full of natural flavor. These are the favorites among many chewers!

Beff Knee CapBeef Knuckles

We make our marrow bones in 3 convenient sizes and offer all of our smoked beef bones in singles and in 3 packs!

Gourmet Beef Bones

Everything that we use in making our Gourmet Beef Bones comes from USDA inspected beef and we use restaurant quality smokers to prepare your dog’s treat. We never add ANY artificial ingredients to our beef bones. They are 100 percent natural, start to finish.


with natural elk antler baked right in!

Venison SnacksVenison Snacks Package

Our Venison Snacks are a brand new limited ingredient snack that is bursting with unique flavor and is remarkably palatable. The protein is from a single source: VENISON. The recipe is mild and easy on sensitive stomachs. We use natural U.s. elk antler and grind it up into a powder and bake it right into the treat for a flavor that dogs can't resist. The antler is a natural source of Calcium and also in its velvet stage, it is a great source for Glucosamine and Chondroitin.


You will feel good about giving your dog a high quality American product and your dog will appreciate the difference....naturally!!